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Dr Anuradha C.V

Professor type-2 Diabetes/Metabolic Diseases... View Profile

Dr Nalini N

Professor Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Subramanian P

Professor Molecular Chronobiology and Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Manoharan S

Professor Oncology and Carcinogenesis... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan E

Associate Professor Neuro Scienes... View Profile

Dr Mirunalini S

Associate Professor Cancer Biology, Combination therapy in Diabetes Me... View Profile

Dr Raja B

Associate Professor Cardiovascular Systom and Cardiology... View Profile

Dr Rajendra Prasad N

Associate Professor Multidrug Resitance in Cancer and UV-induced Photo... View Profile

Dr Stanely Mainzen Prince P

Associate Professor Cardiovascular Biology and Diabetes Mellitus... View Profile

Dr Suresh K

Associate Professor carcinogenesis and oncology... View Profile

Dr Deepa Balasubramaniam

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Knowledge in molecular biology basic concepts and ... View Profile

Dr Manivasagam T

Assistant Professor Neuroscience... View Profile

Dr Justin Thenmozhi A

Assistant Professor Neuroscience... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar N

Assistant Professor Diabetes mellitus, toxicology and its complication... View Profile

Dr Pugalendhi P

Assistant Professor Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Sankaranarayanan C

Assistant Professor Diabetes mellitus... View Profile

Dr Selvaraj P

Assistant Professor Myocardial infarction... View Profile

Dr Shenbagam M

Assistant Professor Hepatotoxicity and Liver Cancer... View Profile

Dr Vennila L

Assistant Professor myocardial infarction... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar N

Assistant Professor Toxicology, Diabetes and its complications, Nanote... View Profile

Dr Vinothkumar V

Assistant Professor Cancer Biology... View Profile

Mrs Mehala Elangovan

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kowsalya R

Assistant Professor CANCER BIOLOGY AND DIABETES MELLITUS... View Profile

Dr Ramalingam Saravanan

Assistant Professor Biochemistry; Phytoconstituents against Experimen... View Profile

Dr KanagaLakshmi A

Assistant Professor Radiation Biology... View Profile

Dr Subramani Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Exploring the naturally occurring phytochemicals f... View Profile

Dr Kavitha M

Assistant Professor Entomology... View Profile