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Dr Balasubramanian V Professor
Dr Govindarajan M Assistant Professor
Dr Stanely Mainzen Prince P Associate Professor
Dr Sundaraganesan N Professor
Dr Manivasagam T Assistant Professor
Dr Sunil kumar B Associate Professor
Dr Balasubramanian V Professor
Dr Soundarapandian P Professor
Dr Govindarajan M Assistant Professor
Dr. Annaian Shanmugam Professor
Dr Anantha Raman P. Professor
Dr Sundaraganesan N Professor
Dr Thanikachalam V Professor


Application of water quality index for groundwater...

Author: Vasanthavigar M.;Srinivasamoorthy K.;Vijayaragavan K.;Rajiv Ganthi R.;Chidambaram S.;Anandhan P.;Manivannan R.;Vasudevan S.

Drought stress in plants: A review on morphologica...

Author: Jaleel C.;Manivannan P.;Wahid A.;Farooq M.;Al-Juburi H.;Somasundaram R.;Panneerselvam R.

What is new for an old molecule? systematic review...

Author: Vang O.;Ahmad N.;Baile C.A.;Baur J.A.;Brown K.;Csiszar A.;Das D.K.;Delmas D.;Gottfried C.;Lin H.Y.;Ma Q.Y.;Mukhopadhyay P.;Nalini N.;Pezzuto J.M.;Richard T.;Shukla Y.;Surh Y.J.;Szekeres T.;Szkudelski T.;Walle T.;Wu J.M.

Highly efficient, solar active, and reusable photo...

Author: Subash B.;Krishnakumar B.;Swaminathan M.;Shanthi M.

The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Pathoge...

Author: Manoharan S.;Guillemin G.J.;Abiramasundari R.S.;Essa M.M.;Akbar M.;Akbar M.