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Dr D Venkatesan

Professor Bayesian Inference, Time Series Analysis, Statisti... View Profile

Dr Elangovan R

Professor Stochastic Process, Reliability and Survival Analy... View Profile

Dr Kannan R

Professor Stochastic Processes and its Applications, Surviva... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi G

Professor  Bayesian Inference-Outlier Detection, Statistica... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathy S

Professor Reliability Theory, Stochastic Process, Survival A... View Profile

Dr Pandiyan P

Professor stochastic process and its applications... View Profile

Dr Kannan R

Professor Stochastic Process... View Profile

Dr Arumugam P

Associate Professor Bayesiyan Inference... View Profile

Dr Subramanian C

Associate Professor Stochastic Processes and its Applications... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar M

Associate Professor Time Series, Bayesean Inference, Stochastic Proces... View Profile

Dr Pukazhenthi N

Assistant Professor Queueing Models ... View Profile

Dr Paranjothi N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile